How to configure SLA by customer


I'm trying to configure SLA in a help desk project with mailbox integration. It's possible to select a field that is mandatory for the right type of SLA, and I used a “support plan” custommer field, but the agent has to configure manually every ticket that enter. 
In our cenary, we have more than 900 partners, and some of them signed support plans. Based on the plan, we consider the ticket SLA.
But its unpratical to keep a paralel list with the plan every partner have, just to fill the "support Plan" field manually in every ticket.

Also, its unpratical offers a reporter user to all of them. Some of them have 10 e-mails or more that can open a ticket from the same partner.

Any ideia how can we automate this field based on the support plan every custommer signed?


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I suggest using a workflow to automate the Support plan field. For example, the workflow can check the reporter's domain and select the necessary plan. Or you can divide all reporters into different groups and determine their plans depending on their groups.


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