How can I create a shared report that shows spent time/work items for the logged in user only?

I'd like to create a report that shows spent time on tasks but only that created by the logged in user.

For example user A sees only their spent time and user B only sees their spent time.

I tried adding work author: me into the query field but this shows time from other users too, apparently by design.

And the Work author drop down doesn't have an option “me”, only specific users, meaning I'd have to create a separate report for each user but that's not really an option for 50 users and multiple reports for each. Is there a better solution for this I am missing?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.
Thank you for contacting us. I'm happy to help you.
Reports are always built based on their creator's data. Therefore me always equals the report creator. The only solution is if these users create their own reports so that data will be generated based on their user details. We have a corresponding feature request to make this parameter dynamic, so it shows data for whoever opens the report: Please feel free to vote for this issue. This helps us gauge how much impact this feature will have on our customer base, and you’ll also get subscribed to the issue’s notifications. To do so, sign in to JetBrains YouTrack and hit the thumbs-up icon.

Other than creating separate reports or including all the users in one report, there's a timesheet page that allows users to see their personal work data by default:

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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