Help Desk= Agent unable to mark spam

As project owner I can see an option to mark a help  desk ticket as spam  but the agent can not see it.

What have I missed?

The user is set up as an agent and also has roles of contributer,developer   for the help desk project?

Official comment

Hi! I've created a public request for this feature: JT-78871. Feel free to vote for it.

Hi Team,

We are actually encountering a few spam tickets and, as Alan (Role: Administrator) specified, he can view the option to mark tickets as spam. However, I (Agent & Role: Contributor, Developer) am unable to find the same on my side. 
Video Demonstration Here:

We are exploring YouTrack and still very new with few options and configurations. Looking forward to an update from you. Thank you.


Hi Alan and Rohit. The option to mark a ticket as spam involves banning the spamming user and deleting the ticket later via the Process Spam workflow. The following permissions are currently required for the action to be displayed and executable: Update User, Delete User + Delete Issue

Rohit's roles don't contain the necessary permissions, so the option is not displayed. It is worth noting that the user-related permissions are global, and granting those would allow updating/banning/deleting any user in YouTrack, which you probably don't want regular agents to be able to do.

I understand the confusion here, as you expected agents to be able to make use of this option by default. But the current requirements don't allow doing it easily, I'm afraid. We will consider changing this behavior as it poses a usability issue, but this is how it works at the moment. Thank you for pointing out this issue to us.


Thanks,  have you logged this as a development issue, so I can up vote.

Right now I'm happy for Rohit to have user access, but of course not organisations would want that level of access for agents.


Hi Stanislav Dubin,

Thanks, I can confirm your suggested solutions helped us enable the “Mark as spam” for the agent role.
See here:

Thanks for your suggestions. And yes, as Alan mentioned, we will be happy to vote on this if it's already logged in as a development issue. Thank you. :) 


We are still working out the expected behavior here, so this is an internal issue for now. May I ask what you think this feature should do? Do you expect the agent to necessarily ban the spammer with this action?


I appreciate that it does require thought.

My experience of the majority  of spam is that  the ‘user’ rarely repeats the spam, the emails are normally disposable and hit sites in volume.

What I'm looking for is the agent to be able to move the ticket off the view so no one else needs to look at it and after 30 days it drops off totally. Just teh way most email spam inboxes work.

I think that banning a user should be a separate function from marking spam.

In a similar way most email systems work, you can mark as spam  and separately decide to block a user.


Thank you for this helpful feedback, Alan! I've shared it with the team, and I will let you know if we make a decision to change this behavior or to create a public issue about it first.


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