Can I subscribe to receive email for all issues I am watching?

I would like email to go out to anybody on the watch list when an issue is modified.  I have found saved searches for “assigned to me” and “commented by me”.  I do not see an equivalent way to search for “watched by me”.

I realize that I can subscribe to issues that are starred by me, but that is not the same.  I am able to add another user to an issue watch list.  That would allow me to add another user to the email list without their involvement, even if they have not yet commented on it.

Is this possible?




Notifications for issues that are starred are equal to the issues that you watch, please refer to this documentation section. If you have administrative rights, then you can subscribe other users to notifications to the issues that they are watching (by going to Users > username > Notifications). But by default, such notifications are enabled.


Thank you for clarifying that.  Chalk that up to user error.  I did not understand that “watching” and “starred” meant the same thing.  Now I feel sheepish.



asthomas it is not super-obvious, so no worries and no sheeps :)


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