Change resolved date for issues


Is there any way to manually set the resolved date for an issue, either through API or through the UI? There are occasions where the date is changed because some automation we have sets a resolved state for the issue which then changes the resolved date as well. All I could find about it was this 3 year old ticket

Any suggestions and help welcome, thanks!



Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the Resolved Date for issues. I can only suggest restoring the backup that was made prior to the changes.


Hi Alisa, 

With thousands of people globally working in our Youtrack we cannot restore a backup every time someone mistakingly changes the state of a ticket and thus changes the underlying resolved date. We depend on this data for metrics and reporting and some of those metrics are now completely off. 

Can you let us know what the plans are regarding the issue I linked to earlier and what timeframe we might be looking at for that?


Menso Heus unfortunately, there are no defined plans for it, so I cannot provide you with any ETA.


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