Does Google Sheets import work at all?


Error  sugegst that Import script sends invalid range command. 

Google Sheets returned the following error message: 400 Unable to parse range: AAA4!R2C21:R100C20

And getting this same error regardless of how many columns and rows are in the file. Regardless if it's  “Basic” import or “Advanced”.

Import Log files show this error and nothing else.

Anyone got Google Sheets import working? Or how do you import form Linear. Or should we stay with Linear?


Hi Roman. Thanks for submitting your request to us. After looking at the logs, it seems like the problem starts when the import gets to the U column in the worksheet. It may be empty or something else could be the problem, so perhaps removing this column might help (if there is no useful data in this or other columns after U). 

Overall, the Google Sheets import should work, and we are ready to investigate it if for some reason it doesn't work as expected for you.


Empty columns not supported? Or specific columns can not be empty? I found it very frustrating because there’s no information. 

Error message points to invalid call made from importer, but you’re saying it’s user’s fault! 
Why not at least add that bit of information to the error message and not making me waste 2 days of my time. 


Error message points to invalid call made from importer

Yes, but this error is returned by Google Sheets, and the import in YouTrack displays it as is.

For now, we are not sure what caused this, so we would be happy to look into it further if you could share more information about the spreadsheet that you imported in the ticket that you submitted. We might file a request for improvement to this import once we understand the issue better, so your cooperation here would be much appreciated.


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