Managing release versions and builds in YouTrack project

Setup: YouTrack 7.0 integrated with Hub

I am unable to find where and how to manage versions within a single project. I am able to add a new version from within an issue (Fix Version -> add value), but there is no way to manage added versions (release or archive them).

I understand you can edit it within the field "Fix Version" bundle, but how do I get the versions overview in time (we do a lot of releases), how to add release date to a version, etc.?


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Hello Milan,

thank you for your question. You can add release dates to a version when you edit a value in a bundle:

As for the versions overview, please clarify, what exactly do you mean? You can see the list of Fix versions on the same page in Custom fields settings.
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I am trying to solve same situation, i would expect i can somewhere not just see the list of versions in the custom settings, but i would expect this list somewhere to be clickable to view actual build version its properties(release date and description) and list of all issues connected to this version/build. I would also be able to change/set the release date as this happens in different moment(actual release of version) then when i am adding issuues to the build(preparing release candidate build for testers)

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isn't there a faster way to add the release date to a version?

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Hello, I'm very sorry for the delay.

Matej, if the question is still relevant in your case I'd recommend you to have a look at our reports:

CP-Pro, unfortunately, no, that's the only way to add a release date.

In any case, please feel free to file feature requests to our tracker:


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