Using YouTrack to correspond with submitters via email


In a company I work at, we're using FogBugz as an issue tracker, where a user submits their case via email, and we reply and correspond with the submitter via email. The bug system is internal, the user never has to register to the bug tracker.

I was told by Jura Gorohovsky on twitter that the new YouTrack Energy supports email, so I have a few questions:

  • Is the above use case available in YouTrack? Can YouTrack system be kept internal, and all correspondence done via email?
  • If more information is needed from the user, can I reply from within the ticket?
  • How do I specify the incoming mail address for YouTrack? Something like

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Igal,

That's right, issue from email is already implemented and will be included to the next EAP build. So you'll be able to explore it before Energy is released.

  • Yes. Your external users will be able to submit issues via email without accessing the system, but if want to keep the system internal, you can choose not to create the account for the reporter. In this case, the submitted won't be notified about the further changes made.
  • Yes. You can notify the submitter about the changes made and request more details within the issue created, if you configure to create an account for the reported. When the reporter sends the email with the same subject, the comment is added to the previously created issue.
  • Yes, you configure the incoming email address in the email integration settings.
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Great, thanks very much!

Looking forward to try the EAP.


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