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Is it possible to create User Story Maps in YouTrack? We are already using YouTrack and don't want to use another tool to manage our backlog, like FeatureMap. YouTrack will still be used for implementing the stories as we are using it today.

Some links about User Story Map

Official comment

it's not implemented yet, but we have it in our plans. Please feel free to vote/comment on this feature request to increase its priority in our tracker and be notified of updates.
Thank you!

I guess nothing happened so far... 


Thanks for your response Liubov. That feature request is almost 5 years old and if I understand it right it's about "planning poker". But I was wondering if you planning to add feature for story mapping like JIRA has. Thanks, Stefan


Stefan, this feature request is actually about planning board in general, so I encourage you to vote for it and increase its priority in our system. We definitely plan to implement it in the future, but just not soon, unfortunately.


Thanks for using my original article as source of information/reference, I really appreciate, but I would simply like to inform you that Scrum Alliance removed the original article and I had to re-publish it in LinkedIn.
I would appreciate if you could update the reference to the new url:

Thanks again



Sure, please find it updated. 


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