linking Zendesk Statuses and YouTrack's States

Our zendesk system has the following statuses:
New, Open, Pending, Solved

Our YouTrack's Kanban board has the following states:
Backlog, Up Next, Ready for Dev, In Progress, In QA, In for Build

How can I trigger a change in the Zendesk ticket's status if I don't have "New, Open, Pending, or Solved" as statuses in YouTrack?

The mapping would look like:
Zendesk :: YouTrack
New -> Backlog
Open -> Up Next, Ready for Dev, In Progress, In QA
Pending -> no mapping to YouTrack state
Solved -> In for Build

How do I accomplish the Status/State linkage between the two systems?
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Hello Steve,

Sorry for a short delay.
Looks like I've replied to your request already :)
When configure integration, choose YouTrack's custom field (State, in your case) with which Status field will be syncrhonised.
If Status field has values which are not presented in YouTrack's State field, then they will be created in State's bundle.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the answer.  So, with zendesk issues, we're tied to using its Statuses as YouTrack states?  There's no custom mapping that can be done?
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Yes, Zendesk statuses will be created as new values in YouTrack State's bundle.
How would you custom map statuses/states ? From my point of of view they should reflect each other.

Thank you.
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Tech support ticket workflow is much different than a development team's workflow.  I outlined an example in my first post.  

Once the ticket goes from Zendesk to YouTrack, the ticket now essentially belongs to the team.  Forcing them into using New, Open, Solved (like in my example) doesn't match the rest of their flow (as represented on a kanban board).

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