Default Project for Subtask

For sure, the #1 most annoying thing about YT (done user story style):

1. Go to a ticket in one project (A), after possibly doing some stuff in another one (B)
2. Create a subtask
3. Figure out later that the subtask was created inside the other phantom project (B)

Seriously, supporting the possibility of a subtask being from another project is something that bends my mind in ways that are unnatural, but having it ever default to that makes zero sense.

Yes, I do realize that is my opinion.
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Project you've got in issue draft is the project where the recent issue was created.
This actually relates to all issues, not only subtasks. So when you create issue in project B, then click 'Create issue'- project B will be set as default project in your draft.
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Wait, you are saying that I have a draft of an issue hanging out somewhere and that has the project set to the other project? I don't think so. And I have seen this behavior with different projects.. ?
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Not quite right.

You said, you did something in project B ('after possibly doing some stuff in another one (B)'), I assumed it was issue creation(?), and then created you decided to create an issue, second step.
The thing is, on the second step you have default project B set in Project field, because the last issue you've created before was in project B.
So, no drafts, but just a fact- default project is the project where the recent issue was created.
You said this reproduces with other projects, that is correct according to described bahavior.

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