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How do I separate tasks on the Agile board by project?
If I can create swimlanes per project then that would work. If there is any other way please let me know.

- Ani
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Hello Ani,

First off, a board can be configured to reflect only one project(Agile settings> chose target project).
If the board reflects several projects, then you may filter swimlanes  by project
project: <project name>

As for creation, when report a swimlane, you should be offered to chose the project.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your response.
However I am not able to see either of your answers in Agile Settings.

1. I do not see a "Choose Target Project" option in Agile Settings.

2. Swimlane creation – "Field to Identify Swimlane" also does not offer an option to choose the project.
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What Andrej means is that you can filter in the text box at the top for issues, like you can in the issue list, and with this, you can also filter  for a specific project.
So if you enter there "project: <project name>" and hit Ctrl-Enter, your Agile board will only show the swimlanes for that project.

And the other thing he means is, if you create a new swimlane, so you click on "create new swimlane", you then will be able to choose to which project this should belong to.

Currently, there is now way to Identify a swimlane by project, or group your swimlanes by project. At least as far as I know.

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