How to explicitly unfollow an issue?


I get a little annoyed by the YouTrack email notifications:

"You (skerkewitz) received this message because you had enabled notifications for: Commented by me saved search."

Now, it is true I commented on the issue quite a while ago and in general I want email notifications for issues I commented on. So I don't want to turn off the settings entirely.

However, in this particular case I do not care about the issue anymore. But still I get an email each time.

Is there really no way to turn of notifications for a specific issue or am I just to stupid to find it?



Official comment

Hello Stefan,

Sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to unfollow particular issue if you comment on it and if target saved search is enabled. Target issue satisfies the saved search query (in this case it's "commenter: me") and thus you receive notifications.

Is this really the official response? Sorry but you're going to get emails for the rest of your life on the issue you commented on...

Can you please fix this. I'm tired of receiving emails everyday whenever someone else comments on the same issue.


Hello! I can recommend you to vote/comment on this feature request: and to watch the updates on the issue.

Unfortunately, at the moment you can only unsubscribe from a particular saved search and not from a particular issue.


I've been getting emails for one issue I commented on for 6 years. Please put me out of my misery


Hi Andrew,

In each email notification that is sent by YouTrack, there is a link in the footer that you can use to mute notifications for a specific issue. Use this feature to stop receiving notifications for issues that generate too many email messages.


That doesn't work, you are more likely to get this when you do that


And I have now disabled all notifications in my profile but still get emails for additional comments



You need to log in to mute the notifications for the specific thread. 

Please let me know if it helps.


I am logged in. Then screenshot doesn't show it but by profile is active in the top right of the window


And I've two profiles! Cached on 2 different systems. Only notificed now


Could you please attach screenshots of your profile -> notifications tab and of notification email you've received? 

You can submit a ticket here: if you don't want to share your data here. 



Did logging in to both profiles help? 


I had the same issue and I figured out that I had multiple accounts (one was a Google Account). I was logged in with the wrong one when I got the 403 error page. When I logged in to the other account, the unsubscribe link worked.


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