Changing time format for time tracking?


I wonder if it's possible to change the time format for time estimation/tracking from weeks/days/hours to just hours? Basically, when I'm planning a sprint, I know the total amount of hours I can spend (for all the devs in the team), and I'd like to see if what I'd planned can be realistically completed during the sprint (i.e., if sum of estimated times is less than combined dev time). Having to convert times like "5w4d2h" into hours in my head is extremely inconvenient; seeing "234h" would be so much simpler!

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Hi Victor,

right now it's not possible in YouTrack, but we have a feature request about it in our tracker:
Please feel free to vote/comment on it to increase its priority.

Thanks a lot, voted, hope it'll be implemented one day!


I just vote and comment on that feature. Unfortunately that is still open after 4 years


JT-17783  shows that is fixed but I can't find a setting for this or any documentation regarding this, is this feature now available? 



This feature has not been deployed yet. Please refer to Fix Versions field - it will contain the build number which includes the feature. 


Thank you! I look forward to getting that build.


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