Mailbox Integration Automatic Reply to Issue Reporter

Is there a way to automatically reply to the sender/reporter of an issue in YouTrack?

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Hello James,

there are automatic notifications in YouTrack.

If the reporter is a registered user, he gets a notification every time he reports an issue. You can change the template if you'd like, find more information here:

If the reporter is unregistered, you can configure a custom workflow or change the default jetbrains-youtrack-notifyMultipleUnregisteredUsers workflow to send notifications to these unregistered users. Please check this Workflow Guide to learn the workflow basics:

Please let us know if you have further questions.

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Dear Support Team,

I´m new in Youtrack and about to set your wonderful Software up to serve as a Helpdesk-System. My goal for now is to fetch mail from my inbox (which is already working) and set the senders address/name as author, so whenever I comment something it going out as a mail (to the nitial sender).

I also found this article:
Which describes the workflow.

I assigned it to my helpdesk project, where all mails are going to be imported:

But i dont know the they mean what I need to edit.

Thanks for your Help in advance!


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I have already answered your support request, and advised you to check this documentation section for detailed steps on setting up the help desk solution, so please feel free to ask any additional questions in the scope of the request.



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