Import Youtrack Project to Youtrack System - error fieldName="wikified"

I'm trying to import a local youtrack installation with 3 projects to our main youtrack installation mit 40+ projects (via the available python scripts).

After 2 1/2 days I don't know what to do / try anymore.

The imports fails with "the following errormessage even when I try to import a newly setup projects with only 3 test tickets:

"<?xml version="1.0" ?><importReport><item id="1" imported="false"><error fieldName="wikified">Field is unknown</error></item><item id="2" imported="false"><error fieldName="wikified">Field is unknown</error></item><item id="3" imported="false"><error fieldName="wikified">Field is unknown</error></item></importReport>"

I removed any markup flag (check box) on the tickets. I can't find any configurations in the project, fields or global settings that do any difference in the import procedure. 

Any help?

Thx for reading this far...






Could you please check if target YouTrack has projects with the same names as projects from source YouTrack have? 

Let me explain a bit: let's assume you are trying to import project A and B. Could you please check if you have projects named A and B in your target YouTrack?



Hello Anastasia, 

no, this is not the case. After each unsuccesfull import I'm deleting the empty projects that where created by the python scripts before I'm starting the next import.






Could you please check if these projects are really deleted in Hub? 

If yes, then please create a support request ( and attach full YouTrack logs ( and import log so we can investigate. 


I have the same issue, i tried 4 different projects and all of them fail with the "wikified" error mentioned above.

Any updates on this ?


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