Permission to change project of an issue

I'm having a problem with our YT instance (InCloud 2017.4 build 39406) when a user moves an issue to another project. 

For example, we have Project A and Project B. The user is a Developer in Project A and a global Reporter - default role permissions for both. When they change the project from Project A to Project B, they get the following error:

You don't have enough permissions to perform the operation. Try to reload the page and check if you are logged in. If it doesn't help, please consult with your server's administrator.

As near as we can tell, the issues are being moved correctly and everything seems to work fine. At first I thought it was a problem with running some workflows that happen on Project B, but I disabled them and the error still occurred. So, now my best guess is that it's a problem with the adding/removing of fields in the issue for the new project (since the user only has view permissions), but I'm not sure what could be done if that is the problem.

Is there some permission that needs to be set to allow issues to be moved between projects or some way to fix/hide the error without requiring that the user be a Developer for both projects?

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Actually the issue should be moved successfully in your case. As far as I understand, the issue indeed is moved correctly and the only confusing thing is the error message? I have created a bug in our tracker to remove this message - You can add yourself to the watchers list to receive the updates. 

Thank you for reaching out!


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Yes, the only issue we can find is that the error message is displayed. Thanks for creating an issue for it.


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