Remove -Archive? done tasks and swimlanes agile board

I can't figure out how to archive/delete tasks that are "Done" and swimlanes that are also empty or "Done" as well. 
I can minimize but I know after a couple months that the board will be cluttered.

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You can modify your board query so resolved tasks will not match it. Basically, you can include the aforementioned query into your board query (it can be found in your board settings, please refer to

Hope it helps.

Liubov Melnikova
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Maybe that's an obvious solution, but do you need "Done" column at all?

I Used is #Open #{In Progress}  #{To Verify}  as the search query but is there a better way?


Okay So I guess that is the only way to do it then. Thank you


Then if that is the case what happens to the cards once they are done. We would still need to be able to look back at them if need be. I am also unsure how to resolve a swimlane otherwise. Once all the cards in the swimlane reach done the swimlane itself is "Done" and it does not show up in the search. That is what I want. 

For now this query works the way I would like it to. I can open up the "Done" column, drop my card and it is gone. If I need to look it up I just add #Done to the query. 

Mostly I was just wanting Swimlanes that are finished to not show up once all the cards are "Done". Is there a better way to have this functionality?


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