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can I somehow in spend time include only development type of time tracking?  For example, in time tracking for issue we have 3h for testing, 7h for dev, 2h management, so in spend time show only 7h, not 1d 4h. And in estimation the same that include only development?


Liubov Melnikova
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Please check this comment: , you should be able to customize time tracking to your needs with the workflow.

 Thank you for answer.

Okay, I can do something when time tracking is changed, but I don't understand how to not add some time tracking in "spent time". And maybe rewrite the time tracking in my project.

Can you help me with this?



There is no possibility to display only development time in 'spent time'/'estimation' field.

However, you can create a separate field to store development spent time there. You'll need an on-change workflow rule ( which will trigger on work items adding (ctx.issue.workItems.added.isNotEmpty()), check if work item type is 'development' (, and (if yes) will update this separate custom field respectively. 

Hope it helps.


Thank you for answer, Anastasia!

Yes its helped me to understand that I can't change 'spent time'. And another question that can I use  this separate fields in time report?


For example, add to columns or replace them to separate fields like "My Development" or "My testing" in this report?


Unfortunately no, this is not possible. You can only use this field instead of spent time filed - but you'll need to use this field instead of spent time field as well. So I guess this is not what you expect.

Another option is to fetch all required data via REST API and then build a report using any third-party tool. 


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