YouTrackSharp - return issueID of newly created issue

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I'm able to successfully create an issue in the a project (via YouTrackSharp) however I'm wondering how I can get the issueID of the newly created issue? This is needed to "Apply Commands" and in context, I may be creating many issue's in a short interval so returning the all issues in a project wont help me. Ideally, I need a "Create Issue" function that returns the issueID of the newly created issue?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



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Thank you for the update, glad to see you've found a solution!

I'm thinking a work around of this could be to retrieve all the issues in the projects, ordered by creation date and retrieve the most recently created. However this could become complicated if someone is creating issues on the UI at the same time the API is creating an issue.


I'm sorry. This was a poor question. The async result returns the newly created issue ID. I don't know if it's worth keeping this ticket here for future reference to others. I'll let the mod's decide if they want to keep or delete this question.


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