Automatically move old cards to new project


I'm looking for a way to limit access to old cards containing personal information.

I'm hoping to achieve this by moving all cards that has a status completed and hasn't been updated for 18 months to another project with stricter access policys. 

Is there a way to dynamically search for something older than X months? I've found two months but that's to little. I can assign a date-range, but that has to be updated every time. 

Is there a way to run batch-commands automatically, like every weekend or such? 

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Jens Backeman

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Sure, this is possible using our workflow mechanism ( You can create an on-schedule rule (, which will run according to a cron expression (for example, once a day, or every Sunday) and perform some actions (for example, transfer issues to another project). 

Here you can find an example of on-schedule rule:

Hope it helps. 

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