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We are a company based in Sweden and are using a standalone installation of YouTrack. We are like all EU-companies affected by the GDPR-regulations that come in affect the 25:th of May. I assume that we aren't the first company that uses YouTrack that has this issue and I'm hoping that there is some smart suggestions on how to tackle this. 

Is there a way to identify personal information, primarily social security number/personal identification number (YYYYMMDD-NNNN) through out all the cards within a specific project? Perhaps using regular expressions? I assume there is now way to parse the contents of attachments. 

Any other smart tips regarding this?

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I can suggest creating an on-schedule workflow rule ( which will inspect all issues from specified project, take their summary and description (you can access them via `ctx.issue.summary` and `ctx.issue.description`) and search for a substring using regular expression (for example, using search() 

Here is our workflow API:

Hope it helps. 

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