Handling/Disabling Closed tickets

All our users enter new tickets through email. The problem is, every now and then, users will respond to a ticket through email when that ticket has already been closed.

So we would like to disallow any updates through email to closed tickets. Once we set the status of these tickets to "Closed", we would like the system to disallow any more email replies to that particular ticket with the subject line "Ticket #: XYZ is closed" and an email description that says something to the effect "This ticket is now closed. Please enter a new ticket is you need further assistance", or something to that effect. In addition, we would like that closed ticket to NOT get updated.

Is there an easy way to do this?




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You can archive such a behaviour using the workflow.

The workflow rule may react on the comment addition and check if the State is Closed. If so, the rule will send a reply with the text you mentioned and revert the comment being added using `workflow.check(false, "");` construction. The details of the rule implementation depend on the particular type of mailbox integration setup that you use in your system.

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