Migrating Database Problems

Hi there,


I am currently trying to upgrade our YouTrack from version 2017.1 to 2018.1. To do this I have set up a new server running 2018.1 so that I could attempt to set up a reverse proxy server to it (without disturbing our users), which I managed to do successfully. I am now trying to move our database from the old server to the new server.

We are using an external Hub with our YouTrack instance (.zip installations), so I copied the data folders in the respective hub home and youtrack home directories from our old server over to the new server. I then ran the respective commands to configure them to use the new data folders

hub configure --data-dir="new data directory" 

youtrack configure --data-dir="new data directory"

I then ran some other configurations, namely the listen port for the reverse proxy, the base url and the hub url (youtrack only). Hub started up fine and I could see all the users as I would expect, but when I attempt to start youtrack it fails It gets to the /bundle/starting page and the YouTrack Configurator successfully starts and says running but then YouTrack itself attempts to start for a while and then fails, giving me the error message "YouTrack is unavailable"


Is there anything I might be missing?


In addition, if I attempt to start YouTrack using the empty database, it starts fine.



Could you please share YouTrack logs and `conf` folder? 


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