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We want to know how much time we spend working at an issue.

How can we make,  with a workflow, a new field that count, since the issue was createdthe time in days (considering 8 working hours a day and excluding Saturday and Sunday) when the issue is in state OPEN + IN PROCESS?

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Unfortunately, this cannot be applied to previous operations. I mean, you cannot fetch this data for existing issues, you can only start counting days since now. 

To implement the process, follow these steps:

1. Create fields which will store the timestamp of state change (e.g. "SubmittedToOpen", "OpenToFixed"). You need such fields for each transaction you'd like to track.
2. Create an on-change rule ( which will trigger on issue state change (ctx.issue.isChanged(ctx.State))
3.  Find out the old and the new values of State field (use oldValue() and becomes() methods;;
4. Store current timestamp ( to the corresponding field

Having dates of states changes, you can easily calculate the number of days spent in a particular state.

Another option is to create an on-schedule rule ( which will run once a day and increase the counter of days if the state is still unchanged. 

Hope it helps. 


Thank you for answering, you have been very helpful.

But I still have a doubt.

How can I exclude Saturday and Sunday from the counting of the days?

Thanks in advance.


You can check which day it is in the rule. Please feel free to use getDay() method - it returns the number of the day in a week. 


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