Keep tasks order while moving to another sprints


Our team manually orders the tasks on sprint top-to-bottom, so each engineer knows the priority (what should be done first).

Usually some items are not completed in a sprint, and needs to be rolled over to the next one. We tried 2 commands to roll the items - directly changing "fix version" field, or using the "board" command from the Agile board. We found them to do roughly the same thing (although "fix version" forces you to do it project by project, while "board" works on different projects at the same command).

However, the tasks manual sorting is lost when rolled to the next sprint, and we end up being forced to re-prioritize every time. Any remedy for it?



-- Guy

Official comment

Do you use YouTrack InCloud or standalone? Which version, if standalone? It seems to be a bug.

We're using a hosted version; Our URL is https://<our project>


Please open a support ticket (right top corner) and provide the name of your InCloud instance for future investigation.


If anyone follows or finds this and is still interested in having "Move to next Sprint" retain the current sort order, please visit and vote for this enhancement on YouTrack's issue board:


Just wanted to clarify that the custom order is saved when moving the cards to the new sprint during the sprint creation via the Add unresolved issues from current sprint option. The mentioned request is about moving the cards via the Move to the next sprint button.


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