Project field "State" is still somehow attached to workflow, although Project has no workflow


I build a State Machine Workflow which I then attached to my project. 

Later on I decided to detach the workflow again, in order to transition between states without any restrictions.

But the field "State" still shows this icon for workflow dependent fields.

Although I have detached all workflows.

How can that be? 
My Agile Board still behaves like there is a workflow attached, and I dont want that to.


THanks Klaus


I think I fixed it. We use Youtrack as a standalone Service. I stopped the service, and then restarted it. Now the fields are detached from any workflow. Thank god...



Thank you for the update. In case of any delays in synchronization, the restart should help. 


I have the same issue except for YouTrack Incloud so I don't/can't stop the service and restart it. How do I solve this problem?

I had a workflow that would prevent moving to a certain state without setting a "Score", I've detached all workflows but it's still preventing this.


I am sorry for the delay. If urgent, please create a support request ( - it has the highest priority of all our support channels. 


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