Get issue field change history


Is it able to get issue change history (all history or history of specific field) by Workflow API or REST API?

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Hi Dmitriy,

at the moment we have only old REST API methods documented:

However, we're going to deprecate the old REST API soon, and before that we're going to publish new API methods. So we're encouraging you to check the new REST API documentation from time to time for updates.

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Hi - is this available in the new REST API?

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Unfortunately, this is still not documented yet. However, you can use browser console to check what requests YouTrack issues itself when querying issue history - this is exactly what you need.

We are working on delivering new documentation as soon as possible.  

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Via the OLD REST API we have errors:

<error>Could not decode vcdiff</error>


Required field name of IssueAttachment[45-974025] is undefined
what is the true way to get an issue history now? (YouTrack 2018.4
Build 49352 Standalone installation)
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To get rid of "Required field name of IssueAttachment[45-974025] is undefined" error, please restart your Youtrack with the `-Dexodus.entityStore.refactoring.forceAll=true` parameter (

As for the "Could not decode vcdiff" error, let's continue the investigation in the support ticket you've created. 


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