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There is an option to add one issue to multiple sprints. It is useful when an issue was not resolved on time or an issue was reopened in one of the next sprints.
But it seems that it's not possible to have an estimation and spent time for each sprint to properly display burndown chart and reports.

This post is just a proposal. A field might have a setting to split values for each sprint:

If this option is selected, then issue will have field for each sprint. Actual field value will be a sum of those values:

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Thank you for your opinion and feedback! However, I'm afraid this will not be implemented since we assume the issue has its estimation and spent time values independently of the sprints. 

Hope it helps. 

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Hi Anastasia,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please explain me, how does multiple sprints for issue works. I assume this is for cases when a long running issue is planned to be in multiple sprints. In this case how estimation for each sprint in Burn Down chart? And how Time Report will calculate spent time per sprint?


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Hi Ben,

I am very sorry for the delay. 
Actually, a long-running issue can be just transferred to the next sprint. You may want to assign an issue to several sprints if you want to collect statistics about how many issues have you had on each sprint or if you are planning to include the issue in several releases. 

Estimation and spent time are issue values, not sprint ones. 

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If the issue (a user story in this case) requires multiple sprints to implement, one option would be to further break it down into multiple user stories across multiple sprints.


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