Accessing saved search through the current REST API



Using the 'Old' REST API you can access the saved searches (

But I cannot find any way to get saved searches using the current API (

Anyone that can help?

(I want to get a list of all saved searches for the current user, and execute one of them based on some parameters I got)



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I am very sorry for the delay. We are in process of documenting the new REST API at the moment, so not all methods are presented there yet. 

Meanwhile, you can refer to the requests YouTrack issues itself (they can be found in a browser console). For example, the following request will return you tags and saved searches of the user with id 1-1:

curl -X GET 'https://<youtrack address>/api/admin/users/1-1/ownFolders?$top=-1&fields=$type,$type,id,isUpdatable,watchFolder($type,color(id),id,isDeletable,isUpdatable,issuesUrl,name,owner($type,id,isLocked,login,name,ringId),query,untagOnResolve,updateableBy(id,name),visibleFor(id,name)),watchRule($type,id,isUpdatable,notifications(enabled,id),pinned,untagOnResolve)' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <permanent token'

Please let me know if it helps. 


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