Markdown: Link to Attached Document

How to insert a link to an attached document using Markdown?

Using the (deprecated) Youtrack Wiki it was `[file:file_name]`, but I can't find similar for Markdown.


Thank you.

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I am sorry for the delay. Please use the following syntax: ![some text](attachment.png)

Hope it helps. 


that seems to be restricted to images!

I wanted a link to other type of documents, no need to be inlined, like `[file:file_name]` with markdown syntax.

Using standalone version 2019.1 (JAR install)





Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply.

To link non-images, skip the exclamation mark in the beginning, so that it would be:



I can't get the solution above to work (`[file](filename.extension)`). Are you sure this works for text-links to attachments?

In some more detail:

  • On my Issue, I have an attachment called FlowChanges.xoml.
  • In the description, I've entered `[job](FlowChanges.xoml)`.
  • I do get a link, but it links to `/FlowChanges.xoml`, which is a dead link (404).
    (`/_persistent/FlowChanges.xoml?file=86-887&c=false&updated=1569844541050` would be the correct link.)

Summarized, it seems that the link-to-attachment magic only works for image links, not for text links.

I'm using YouTrack 2019.2 Build 54193.


Oscar, we're sorry for the confusion.

At the moment it's only possible to reference attached non-images using the full URL to the file, for example: `[file](https://full/url/FlowChanges.xoml)`

We're planning to add support for referencing non-images within this issue: Please feel free to vote/comment to increase the priority of this feature and subscribe to its updates.

Let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.


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