Filter old issues from a Kanban board

We are using a Kanban board in YouTrack, as Kanban has no sprints the “Complete” column keeps on piling up with completed tasks. To solve this we want to create a filter that would filter all tasks that were resolved more than 6 weeks ago. I could not find a way to accomplish that. Could this be done? If yes how?

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I believe the best option will be to use resolved date: -Older query. This will display all issues resolved in the last two months (refer to I'm afraid there is no way to create a similar filter for 6 weeks (except for specifying the exact date and updating it every day, like resolved date: -1970-01-01 .. 2019-03-01). Please let me know if it helps.

That is not too bad of a work around, it's better than the workaround I using.

Thank you!


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