2019.1 Build problematic

I am using the new build 2019.1 (experimental features) since i had problems with my issues in tree view. The update fixed my problem but now other arrised

1. How do i edit a saved search and save it?

2. Custom ordering in saved searches is wonderful, but:
-> how do i save state closed / open of parent nodes? Each time i enter the search, all nodes get expanded again, not very helpful if its a huge list of parent/child nodes
-> how can i save a custom reorder, so in case someone (or me) resets it by mistake? The "Discard custom order" link is very dangerous there

3. While Tree view in issues listing works fine... it does not in 'links:ISSUE-ID' view.
it does not expand all child issues , but only one level only? (see image attached)
What i mean here, there is no place in Youtrack, to isolate specific node for single view, including its childs, in tree view

4. I am confused with the 2 different drop downs to filter issues
On top "issues>saved searches" and then the second one (blue) at search bar.. kindly clarify, because issue filter seems only to take effect when using the top one "issues>saved searches".
Using the second one does not have any effect in filtering while in any saved search

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Official comment

discussing in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-52274

As for two dropdowns: 
1. "Issues" dropdown applies the selected saved search query to the issue list
2. Context dropdown will limit issues among which the search will be performed. E.g., if "Everything" is selected, the search will be performed among all issues on your server. If "Project X" context is selected, then only issues from Project X will take part in the search. 

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Thank you Anastasia . i figured it our meanwhile.
However, all other problems above remain as they are... you have to give the ability to someone to view a parent with child issues as tree.. there are to many workarounds in order to achieve this, like i described https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-52274

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I am sorry for the delay. In future versions of new issue list, the tree view will allow several levels of hierarchy. 

You can save your saved search in the latest version already. Please give it a try and let me know the result. 

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Hello again, today (instead of doing my work) i fought several hours to configure some basic things, until i realized that you probably did not implement in 2019.1 

a) Collapse, expand parent sub-issues:

List of huge issues with their sub-issues get expanded again when parent is collapsed and opened again..that means, i have to go trough each of the sub-tasks with their sub tasks..to collapse back again

b) same problem with Backlog.. this one is not collapsible at all..instead, only with (again another) custom search filter, it is possible to somehow refine the listing of huge indexes.. and ending up having 200+ saved searches for different actions, including backlog filtering

c) From within tree-view, if you bulk update issues, say 'assign new parent', the initial position of the issues edited, remains like it was, meaning, the changes are not visible immediately .. you have to refresh..and then again the collapsible process again

d) and most dangerous of all: checked issues (for bulk edit) remain checked after action completed..which means, if you on the end of the day, you may overlook to un-check them, because you want to bulk-edit others..and the next problem arises: you have incidentally included previous checked issues in the new action... this is sooo annoying

Common people.. this is 'common sense' things which are implemented in most basic applications ..and you understand it's annoying

Yes i know.. i have to vote for a feature..

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I am really sorry you are facing so many problems while using our new issue list. We are really trying to improve it with every release and hope you will like it.

Please feel free to create usability issues for all annoying moments. We will try to consider them. 


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