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We have a company issue email signature, during the test phase of youtrack we have found that when an issue is created, the email signature forms part of the issue, but all the images are also put in as attachments.

The start and end of the signature are set.

┌─  (ALT+218/ALT+196) At the start.

<Signature images and text here>

└─ (ALT+192/ALT+196) At the end. 

Is it possible that during issue creation we can strip out anything between these two set lines so as to exclude our own signatures from the issues and not have the images attached? 

Total newcomer, so some guidance would be of great help. :)

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Sure, you need to use workflows for that. Here is a brief guide about the workflows:

And here you can find a guide on how to set up a process which will handle tickets created from emails and process them in some way: (the guide is very detailed, with the code and all steps). Please pay attention to the "Managing Visibility for Mailbox issues" section - it describes how to handle issues created from emails which contain a specific phrase in their subject.
In your case, you need to process description, not a summary, and to remove the part of the description which is located between ┌─  (ALT+218/ALT+196) and└─ (ALT+192/ALT+196). You can use javascript string methods for that. 

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.  

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