Issues with sorting issues manually

It is very hard to prioritize backlog in Youtrack if you want to see issues sorted manually in multiple places.

1. For saved search, there is an option for custom sorting. If I sort it manually it will be saved.
2. Manual sorting in boards is a separate thing. It is saved only for a specific board.
3. And sorting in boards backlog is the third thing. It is saved separately from the previous two. But it is based on a saved search that already contains custom sorting. Why does it need a separate sorting?

It is really hard to prioritize the backlog. If issues sorted manually in a saved search or in a boards backlog, it will not be sorted on the board. You need to repeat it manually.
And there is even no way to automate it using API. All API methods return issues sorted by issue ID. Event if you getting a saved search that was sorted manually.

Please correct me if I'm wrong and I missed something out.


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Hello Ben,


Thank you for contacting YouTrack support. Would you mind me asking if your questions were answered? Have you considered using a new UI? It has improved a lot, gained new features and got rid of bugs.


I'm looking forward to your reply.


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