System admin can't see custom fields



I've added to projct a custom field "Assignee Copy" and every user in it can create task with it. But reporter of the task is the only person who can see this field in it after creation. 
Also, system admin can't see it too. Every user in project got premissions to do anything with tasks.


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Hi Mabramovitch,

It looks like the issue reported in this thread was related to some configuration specifics of a (very dated now) YouTrack Server version. So, the solution that helped the original reporter may not be relevant in your case.

Can you please describe what you observe in more detail - what YouTrack edition you use and which version, what your permissions are, how the custom field is configured, who can see it, etc.? Some screenshots would also be very helpful. You can create a support ticket to share all this info privately.


I see that you've created a support request as well. We will respond to you shortly there, thank you.


I have similar problem.  what was the issue? how was it solved?


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