Notifications: How to setup

Standalone YouTrack 2019.01

Postfix email server


In global settings I have enabled email notifications, and tested them. I received the test email.

In User settings, I set my notification settings to "Changes Applied by Me"


Yet, no matter what edits I make to an issue, I get no notifications.

What else do I need to do to setup notifications?



The notification model is based on subscriptions in YouTrack ( That means you need to be subscribed to any saved search to receive notifications about issues returned by this search. By default, each user is subscribed to three searches - Assigned to me, Reported by me, Commented by me. 

However, it may so happen you don't have any subscriptions, let's check it. Please click on your avatar in the right upper corner, click "Profile", navigate to the Notifications tab and share a screenshot of the whole page (including the subscriptions section).

Thank you. 


I understand that.


Could you please share YouTrack logs then (I'm interested in notification.log file)? We had a known issue with the notifications in 2019.1, I need to check the logs to be sure though (  

If you don't want to share logs here, feel free to create a support ticket:


Is this issue solved with 2019.2?


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