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Hi there,

I'm hooking up TeamCity integration for our project. I'd like this to work for two different cases:

1) If someone marks a bug as "Fix Submitted", the state will be set to Fixed and the Fixed In Build will be set whenever the next successful build happens.

2) If someone adds a bug number to a checkin comment, the state will be set to Fixed and the Fixed In Build will be set whenever a build with that change in is successful.

I thought I could do both with one mapping, like this:


Case 1 works fine, but case 2 (using a checkin comment) has no effect. 

Looking at the build details in TeamCity, it has converted the bug number to a valid link into YouTrack, so that side of the integration seems fine. 

I was assuming that the "Related Issues" and "Issues Matching Query" options were independent, so that a Related Issue would have the command applied regardless of whether or not it matches the query. Is that wrong?

Any tips would be much appreciated!



Hmm. Setting up a new rule that *just* uses related issues doesn't seem to work either. Here's the new rule:


The TeamCity Build->Changes page has converted the comment to a link to the bug, but the bug remains in its original state, with Fixed In Build unchanged.

Am I missing something in the setup?

(This is YouTrack 2017.3)



The logic behind these options is as follows:

If the "Related issues" option is selected, an issue will be processed only if it is resolved and mentioned in a commit. Unresolved issues mentioned in the commit will not be processed.
If only "Issues matching query" option is enabled, an issue will be processed if it matches the query. Actually, all issues which match the query will be processed.
If both options are selected, an issue will be processed if it satisfies any of these two options.

We do have a feature request to allow choosing which states should be processed by the "Related issues" option, please feel free to upvote it:

Please let me know if it makes sense. 


Thanks Anastasia! That does make sense now. I agree with that feature request though - it'd be much more useful for us if it worked that way. I've given it an upvote.


Thanks again,



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