create project from template when external hub integration is enabled

I am experimenting with latest hub and youtrack on a linux machine,
I installed latest versions (2019.2 and 2019.1 respectively) and enabled the hub integration in youtrack. (not using https for the moment, old plain http is used)

What happened is this:

1. When I try to create a project i am always switched to Hub (is this correct? i did not find anything on JetBrains docs)
2. If I create a project from the hub interface and then click on the left panel to add a "Youtrack service" then i am offered the option to create only "default, scrum and kanban" projects that are the standard ones provided by JetBRains, however if i had already created a project and saved as template that project is not offered to me as an option to be the base of the new one.
3. If i use youtrack with the internal hub, all works as expected and the template projects are available as a starting point for new projects.

This happens as well with older versions (2018.4) of hub and youtrack.


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Hi Francesco, thank you for reaching out!

I'll copy the answer from stackoverflow here:

1. It seems correct, as with an external Hub installed projects are always created from there

2-3. There's known issue with that:

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Hi Liubov,

you're correct i didn't find the bug while looking in the bugtracker,

do you know any possible timeframe for a fix?

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We don't have any estimations at the moment, sorry. Please subscribe to the updates of this issue in our tracker to be notified of any updates.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Liubov Dievskaia we are have bought YouTrack and we want to use custom project template. Can you up this bug, because of it very important issue for us. We are use custom hub for integration with UpSource and other products. Can you provide a link to issue in youtrack developer board?

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Hello Rinat, sorry for the delayed response. The issue is already fixed in Hub 2019.1.11738. What Hub version are you using at the moment? Does the issue still reproduce in your environment?

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Just now all work fine. Thanks!

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Hi, our team experiences with the exactly same issue now.

We deployed Hub and YouTrack (Paid license) on the AWS EKS cluster and not possible to create a project on the YouTrack side,

The dashboard/projects links are to Hub's dashboard/projects pages.

The standalone versions we are using are up to date.


Hub: 2020.1.12375


As we are starting a new project soon and the issue is critical to use YouTrack board, can somebody take care of this issue?



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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

Thank you for the message. I'm happy to help you.

The main issue that was discussed here is and it was fixed a while ago. Regarding the project creation, as Liubov mentioned in her initial reply here — that's by design. When you use external Hub, the project is always created through the Hub interface. Then you can create a resource in a service to link this project with Youtrack.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 


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