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I try to implement Story Points in my project to retrieve a Velocity per project/team/person by making a sum of this Story Poins. The problem is I want to automate all of this.

I am quite new to Youtrack, so have you and idea of the way I can do that ?

I try to create a new field named "Story Points", but I want it to be an enum to be quickly fill by team. I sucess to create a burndown with a field "Story Points" as an integer, but it doesn't suit to the way I want to do it.



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To calculate the sum automatically, please use workflows: Examples can be found here:

Would you please elaborate a bit more about your problems with the "Story Points" field? Are you able to create it? Or do you need assistance on which type to choose?

Hello Anastasia,

Yes, I can create the custom field "Story Points", but after that, I want to create a burndown using this value of the field to calculate a Velocity of differents tasks, and I don't know how I can do that in Youtrack.

I don't know if it's clear.


Hello Antoine,

in YouTrack, there are two field types that can be used to calculate a Burndown chart: period and integer.

In your case, I would suggest creating a separate custom field that would be updated according to your main 'StoryPoints' enum field and would store the same value as an integer. You can get the value of the StoryPoints field by using `` in your workflow. Based on this new integer field, you should be able to calculate an integer-based Burndown chart:

As another option, you can also calculate a Burndown based on the issue count, but this method would not take into account the story points value:

Let us know if you need any assistance.


Hello Liubov ! 

Thank you for your answer.

I have may be a solution : I have create two fields doing the same things, but I make one with an enum list as value for the teams ("StoryPoints") and visible by all users and one in private with an integer as value to ba able to make a burndown with it ("Story_Points_Estimation_Field").


Now, I want to do a workflow which set the value of the second field "Story_Points_Estimation_Field" the same as "StoryPoints".

Because I'm totally new to this, I don't know how to do it. Haha !

If you have any solution about this, I will be glad to learn it !



Hi Antoine,

You will need an on-change rule ( which will trigger on updating the first field and copy its value to the second field. 

To tell the rule when it should fire, define a guard condition (something like `return ctx.issue.fields.isChanged(ctx.StoryPoints);`). ctx.StoryPoints, in its turn, should be defined in the Requirements section (please refer to

Here you can find several examples of workflows: For example, this rule triggers on changing an issue's state to Won't Fix and updates its Fixed in Build value accordingly:

Hope it helps.  


Hello Anastasia !

With the help of a mate, we succeed in the creation of this new workflow ! It works perfectly !

Thx for your help, both of you !

See you !



Thank you for the update, have a nice day!


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