Why issue version field is updated when version is released

Use case:

1. Create issue

2. Add version in project -> fields management

3. Set version in issue created in step 1. to version created in step 2.

4. Add version in project -> fields management

5. Release version from step 2. in project -> fields management

6. Go to issue created in step 1

Expected: issue preserve released version

Actual: version changed to version created in step 4.

Is it ok? How i can track issues from previous releases in case whne they change their versions by themselves?

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I am very sorry for the delay, we have missed your request due to a technical problem. 

Would you mind providing some more details?
1. Is your YouTrack inCloud or standalone? If the former, please let me know your instance name. If the latter, please let me know the version number you use.
2. Share a screenshot of any issue where the version has been changed automatically (with the History tab expanded)
3. Does this problem appear in all projects? 
4. Do you have any custom workflows? Please share a screenshot of the project's workflows.

I'm looking forward to your reply. 

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