Add project name column to time report

Good afternoon.

We are testing this system, with the view to replace Wrike with it, but we have one question, that I can't really find an ansver to.

Can I add a column to the Timesheet Report? Right now we have the project ID and then the issue listed, but we would love to add the project title to the report as well. Is that possible?


Mike Hansen

System Administrator

Design'R'Us ApS

Official comment

Hello Mike, thanks for reaching out to our support!

I've created a feature request in our tracker: Please vote or comment it to increase its priority and be notified of the updates.

Let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

Good morning Liubov.

Thanks for the fast reply :)

I hope we can get this one in :D


Mike Hansen

Aystem Administrator

Design'R'Us ApS



This issue seemed really important (critical) for the workflow of our organization.

It's been 3 years ago and still no activity in the issue. Any chance it will be assigned to someone else and get incorporated in the next version?

Your plateforme is amazing, this would be a good feature to be added :).

Thank you,




I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

I'm sorry that the feature your team is looking for has not been implemented. After this post had been created initially, we released a timesheet feature. It has a tab that lists data on a per-project basis. So please check it out.

As for the overall approach to the feature implementation — unfortunately, there are a lot of potential features that will help in different use cases. Consequently, we have to strongly prioritize and analyze the changes that we implement as we have to make sure that our limited resources are allocated in the most efficient way.

As of now, there are no short-term plans to implement the originally requested feature. Yet, we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us, as it definitely affects our decision making regarding the feature implementation. Thank you!


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