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Looking at your documentation "Manage Epics on Agile Boards" (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Manage-Epics-on-Agile-Board.html) I would like to reproduce this setup however I encountered few issues.

I think I have understand the global setup :

1) one board deals with weekly sprints : User Stories as swimlanes and task/bug as cards
One board that use Quarterly Sprints and deals with Epics as swimlanes and User Stories as Cards

1) issue 1 : On my side, I have added quarterly sprints but these are visible on the executive board. I don't know how to only have them visibles on the Roadmap Board.
2) issue 2 : if I want to see my User Stories onto the Roadmap Board I need to assigned a Quarterly Sprint (Q2 2018 for example) to that user story which is complex as I already need to assigned weekly sprint on it. It is a twice sprint assignation

Thank you for yr help !

Best regards from france.

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I just find an explanation !!

There is a big difference between creating a Sprint from that menu (1°)....

and creating a Sprint by adding a new Value into the Sprint field (2°)


I always was using the (2°) because any new Sprint value was perfectly reported into sprint board field (3°) below :


However there is a BIG difference into Youtrack that I was not knowing and that is probably not explained (?).

Adding a Sprint value into the custom field does a dispatching of that sprint into any Board field (3°) so for me it was perfect to preparing all the sprints in advance.

At the opposite, adding a Sprint from a Board (1°) doesn't dispatch that sprint for the other boards. The sprint is only associated to the original board of creation.

All is fine for me now.

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This difference is based on the board behavior you selected. There are several options: for example, you can add your issues to the board manually or you can link the board's sprints to a custom field (e.g. Sprints). If the former, you can create new sprints only as shown on your first screenshot (1°). If the latter, the sprints set is synchronized with the Sprints values. That means, if you add a new value on the custom fields page (2°), it will automatically appear in the sprints dropdown on your third screenshot (3°) and will be available in all boards which have their sprints synchronized with the same field. 

Please refer to https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Sprint-Options.html to read more about board behavior options. 

lease let me know if you have any questions. 


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