GitLab CI as YouTrack Build Server Integration



I'm currently evaluating YouTrack, and I have a standalone instance setup and working. I also have an existing GitLab CE instance that I'm linking with it.

I have VCS integration setup in both GitLab and YouTrack, and I can navigate from ticket numbers in both, which is great. From GitLab:

From YouTrack, which was automatically added on commit push:


Now, does YouTrack support GitLab CI?  I only see options for "TeamCity" and "Jenkins", and those are also the only options in your document:

Is there some way I can enable GitLab CI integration in YouTrack?  From my first GitLab screenshot, you can see I have a GitLab CI pipeline that would be nice to see in YouTrack as well


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I'm afraid it is not possible for now, only TeamCity and Jenkins can be integrated with YouTrack as build servers at the moment. However, I have filed a feature request for you:, please feel free to upvote it to increase its priority and to receive the updates. 

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