See rework per assignee over specific time and project

Is it possible to generate a report which shows me how much rework an assignee has had during a specific amount of time in a project?

It should show me a number or issues which had/have the state 'rework' assigned to that user. So if an issue is finished now, but was on rework for that user a month ago then I would like to see it in a report.

Some of the developers have got a lot of rework, using a report like this will give us more information on how much rework per developer in a project is assigned. Using this we can check with the developer what is going wrong in his or our proces.


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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for reaching out. I'm afraid it is not possible to query historical data (issues which had the state 'rework'), you will be able to get only issues which are in "rework" state at the moment. 

Please feel free to upvote the corresponding feature request:

There is a quite complicated workaround (only changes from this moment will be affected though): you can create a workflow which will calculate how much time an issue has spent in the rework state. After that, you'll be able to see the overall values using the "Show totals for" setting in issue distribution reports. Please refer to to learn more about workflows. 

Hope it helps. 

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