service fails to start with error on JAR Upgrade [2019.2.59309 -> 2019.3.62399]

On Linux with new JRE11 and jar replaced the service would not start

Exception in thread "main" com.jetbrains.launcher.InvalidLauncherException: Application home does not contain launcher lib directory: /home/youtrack/.youtrack/app/launcher/lib

After removing the /app folder we were successful as it was then recreated

rm -rf /home/youtrack/.youtrack/app

JetBrains YouTrack 2019.3 runtime environment is successfully configured



Thank you for reaching out. Is the problem resolved now? If not, please share full YouTrack logs and conf folder so we could investigate.
To avoid data disclosing, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket (

I'm looking forward to your reply. 


Hello,  I posted this because the upgrade instructions did not specify that removing the /app folder would resolve this issue.  In case others had the same problem.

It did resolve the issue as I wrote "After removing the /app folder we were successful"


Hello Steve,


Thank you for sharing the solution and the observations. By default, there is no need to make any manual manipulations with files or folder structure when performing an upgrade. Would you mind me asking to submit a support ticket whether you face the same issue next time? It will be much easier to investigate why this happened.


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