Display multiple projects as one on the board


  • Is there a way to display multiple projects as one, for a given agile board?
  • We are setting up a board for a cross-functional team, we found out that we can't display multiple projects as one, because we have a separate project for each of our microservices. If we use single project (for example backend) and divide microservices via subsystem feature, can we still attach multiple GitHub repositories to our backend project?

Thank you.

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Hello Anna,

You can add several projects to one board, this can be done on the board settings page, General tab or when creating a board (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Create-New-Board.html).

As for several repositories - yes, you can configure several VCS integrations for the same project. Please let me know if it helps or if I am missing anything.


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