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I just viewed a youtube post on workflows (note the "Ping reviewer" item from the menu)

In one of the examples it covers how to send a reminder message. If I follow the exact same steps the menu item will never show up from the command dialog.

I did notice when I started typing "action" I could add "clone" after that, so I figured maybe it will allow me to type "action ping-reviewer". Has this feature been removed from youtrack? Or am I overlooking something?

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These are custom actions that can be added to YouTrack by creating action workflow rules ( Feel free to create an action rule and use it as a command (exactly as you can use `clone` now). The code is shown at 18:23 in the video you mentioned. Also, please don\t forget to attach the rule to your project as described here:

Please let me know if it helps. 

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Thank you it works now,

I wasn't aware that you had to add them to a project. The screenshot of how to add the workflow to an existing project helped a lot. I assumed the default was adding it to all projects. However the default is for a workflow is no project

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Yes, each workflow should be attached to a project manually. Glad to hear it worked, have a nice day!


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