How configure project access for restricted visibility for a group

Hi everyone, 

I evaluate a possibile migration from Jira and I need some help with project access settings. I need to setup a project with next conditions: 

  • users of group client could view all issue of client group
  • users of group development could view the issue of both groups ( dev + client ) 
  • new issues created by group client should be visible to client and development group too
  • new issues created by development group should not be visible to client group


Anyone can give me a hint or an example/documentation link ? 


Cheers, Alin. 

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

Thank you for the message. I'll be happy to help you!

It's possible to do what you described using project and group settings, though it involves creating a separate project for 'group client' and granting them access to this specific project only. Here are the steps:

  • go to Project → Create a new project for 'group client'
  • then click on the gear at the top right → Groups → Create a group for 'group client' and select the 'group client' project: (screenshot) → Add users to the group if needed
  • in the group's Role tab, select the role and 'group client' project. The role defines permissions (create issue, update issues, etc) the group's users have. Those permissions apply to the selected project only (that's how you limit their access to the specific project only). Screenshot:

As 'group development' can view all the issues, you can leave them as is. By default, they will have access to all the issues. Or alternatively, you can create a separate group for them in a similar way. But instead of limiting their role to a specific project, select the ‘Global’ project or multiple projects you want to grant access to. Screenshot:

For further reference, please check our detailed guide on managing Groups:

If it's crucial that both groups' users use the same project, then you can use the workflow functionality, which allows setting custom rules and automate processes in Youtrack. Generally, each project has a visibility option, which is set to 'All users' (it means all users who have access to this project) by default. Using a workflow, you can automatically change the issue's visibility in the project depending on the reporter's group (so you would still need to create groups for your users).

Here's an example of this type of workflow: (the first one).

Hope this information helps.

If any questions appear, feel free to reply!

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