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We've migrated a Jira Service Desk project to Youtrack and Setup the Old Jira Project as a Help Desk as described here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Use-YouTrack-as-a-Help-Desk.html#

For new issues this works perfectly fine - but for all Old Issues we have the problem that Jira created (now in YouTrack banned) Users for each creator. This is basically not a problem, but we need to attach the mail address of the creator to the "Last message related emails" and "All related emails" field. Is there a way to automate this?

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Thank you for reaching out. It looks to me that an on-schedule rule that will run once should solve your problem. There is a way to make an on-schedule rule run only once - you'll need an anchor issue in the search section as described here: https://blog.jetbrains.com/youtrack/2018/03/make-it-workflow-part-7-generating-time-reports/. The anchor issue lets you pull the project that the issue belongs to into the context and iterate over other issues in the project. It also makes sure the rule runs exactly once per scheduled execution.

An example of how to update a batch of issues via on-schedule workflows can be found here: https://blog.jetbrains.com/youtrack/2019/03/make-it-workflow-part-11-updating-batches-of-issues/.

Inside this on-schedule rule, you can copy values between the fields and check if an issue reporter is banned or not (isBanned property, https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/incloud/v1-User.html). Please let me know if this solution meets your requirements. 

After reading docs, experimenting and thinking about it. It would be nice if a workflow/action could be directly executed on an issue without property changes. It would even be better if the value of one field could be written to another field...

My workaround now would be to set a new Field Migrated_From_Jira with default value false. Then create a workflow which will trigger on the change of this value and writing the authors email into the "All related emails" field if the author had been banned. Then update the "Migrated_from_Jira" field for all tickets and remove the field and the workflow afterwards again.

Is there a better way?


I was able to implement it like this! Thank you very much!


Thank you for the update, have a nice day!


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